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Our Impact


To create a network of thriving house of worship safety and security teams, united in their commitment to safeguarding their mission. By promoting a culture of preparedness, discipleship, and community engagement, we envision safer and more secure churches that will positively impact lives and reflect mission-based efforts in their communities.

We are a growing ministry:

What we do:

When and how:

We are a non-profit organization that can help you find quality training, teach quality training, and help you get prepared. We serve because we're passionate about helping places of worship. Whether it’s recommending policies, training, or equipment, we are truly a one-stop for all things safety and security. We understand  and believe building a solid ministry team  takes the right equipping, training, and discipling. Our purpose is to help churches and places of worship, wherever they are along their road to success with their teams. Churches that implement discipleship strategies motivate their members and volunteers that serve, retaining members and investing in them for the ultimate success of the ministry and discipleship.


We serve in our home churches just like you do! We believe that churches need to be about community and supporting families. They are a demonstration of resiliency in their community.

  • Teach operating safety and security teams about retention, mental health and engagement to stay motivated in serving on their ministry team.

  • Troubleshoot and offer guidance to functioning teams to improve best practices.

  • Help teams develop better relationships with other ministries in the church to serve their community and mission of the church/faith based organization better.

  • Establish a team (where there is none) by coaching the leaders through a process to best protect their organization and minimize the impact of disaster or unmitigated circumstances.

  • Provide trauma gear to high risk churches or faith based organizations that cannot afford it.

  • Provide equipment (including radios/communication gear) to high risk churches or faith based organizations that cannot afford it.

  • Provide resources, including mental health and team building curriculum to inspire, influence and impact every team with the Love of Jesus Christ.

In 2017 we began building community and discipleship with safety and security teams on social media. With the creation of the Church Safety & Security Group, on Facebook, we have grown to be the largest platform on social media for the topic of church safety and security. We have produced numerous industry-first tools, including- the Church Security App and the first Associates Degree Program in Church Safety & Security. We have assisted countless churches with training, coaching, and discipleship. We partner with other great organizations to provide training when we’ve seen their heart for ministry and the church. Our emphasis has, and always will be, serving churches and focusing on ministry and safety, rather than just tactical with church security. We view church safety and security as a ministry component of the local church. Our mission is to inspire, influence, and impact church safety and security teams around the world.

Our Approach





All of us contributing with different skill sets but one goal in common; To make a difference, impacting lives for Christ. Serving those that we need to, while demonstrating Biblical principles.




Safety and security complement the mission and vision of the church. We take the approach that it is not a separate organization or structure within your church. It is a ministry your church can take part in.




Ministry is about discipleship and leadership. With the resources that we have specifically crafted for safety and security teams, you can take your impact to the next level by strengthening those around you and develop a relationship of gratitude to God and discipleship with those you serve with.




Being prepared and tactically training your team is important, but there is so much more to it! Having a solid understanding of Biblical principles is critical to address mental health and de-escalation - both critical skills needed in our present culture.

Our Community

Community Involvement

Statement of Faith

Regardless of your spiritual affiliation, denomination, or church practices, your church or place of worship has the right to worship and be involved in the community, as they please, and should be able to do so safely.

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and those who receive Christ by faith are born again through the redemption of Jesus Christ's actions on the Cross and Resurrection. As God values every person, so do we.

Help Us With Our Mission

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Partner with Us

We are always looking for like-minded, ministry-based organizations to partner with us through advertising on our broadcast or sponsorships at our Church Security Essentials Conferences. Contact us today for more info on how you can be involved!

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Contact us to donate money or resources to our ministry for other churches! Or if you have a need at your church, reach out to us and we will help the best we can! We regularly have equipment donations that come in and we can re-distribute to churches in need.


Purchase our Resources

When you purchase a book from Amazon, 100% of our proceeds goes towards helping churches and providing churches with resources. If you are interested in bulk copies of any book for your team or church bookstore, please contact us!

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