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Improve your facility, team, policies, and culture! Encourage a smooth operating place of worship with our industry experts who can assess and evaluate shortcomings to help!

Assessments Performed By: Certified Crime Prevention Specialists
Church Safety Guys are a CPTED Consulting Organization

Why Get a Risk Assessment?

Sometimes in the middle of ministry, it can be mission-disrupting to stop and evaluate processes and look for process improvements. It can also be challenging when you see the same things day in and day out to notice the little nuisances that could be adjusted or tweaked to better fulfill your organization's mission. That's where we come in!


With over 150 years combined total experience, our team is industry and nationally-certified in CPTED assessments, as well as Six Sigma process practices. But that's where similarities with other assessing companies stop. All of our CPTED and Six Sigma assessment processes are filtered through a Biblical perspective, with the mission of YOUR church in mind. We tailor everything with a Biblical worldview to help you better impact and be Kingdom-focused in YOUR community. Our processes highlight Servant Leadership attributes and our in-house culture assessment metrix has helped 100's of churches across North America.


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Operate at a safer, cost-efficient, more effective level!

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Facility & Policy Evaluation

Through the environmental design process, we review the outside and inside of your physical building and offer suggestions and recommendations. We also review your current policy structure and make best practice suggestions. Evaluation is presented in booklet format for review.

Teamwork makes the dream

Team & Policy

Through a proven leadership metric, we evaluate the functionality of your response team and make best-practice recommendations based on policy and procedure structure. We also review your policy structure. Evaluation is presented in booklet format for review.

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Culture & Process Improvement

Once the evaluation process is completed and the final assessment is presented, we carefully craft a "next steps" plan with you and your team to ensure recommendations are implemented for your organization.



"Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the proper design and effective use of the built environment that can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime and an improvement in the quality of life."

— National Crime Prevention Institute

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