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James McGarvey has served for over 20 years as a church safety and ministry leader. He has over 25 years in Public Safety working as an EMS Dispatcher, Firefighter, EMT, Disaster Chaplain, Volunteer Officer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and is currently a First Responder/EMS and CRASE Instructor. He is a certified Crime Prevention Specialist who regularly works with law enforcement agencies and churches to assess safety and security needs through environmental design. An expert marksman and trained in executive protection, he has trained 1,000's of individuals in various aspects of public safety. He has authored over 20 books, 4 of them bestselling, on the topic of church security and safety, church ministry, and church leadership. For over 40 years he has been actively involved with church ministries across the country, including serving in roles as youth pastor, associate pastor, and safety director. He currently serves on the leadership team for Thrive Church in Central Ohio. He holds an undergraduate degree in Bible from Emmaus Bible College, an MBA in Marketing from Grand Canyon University, and a PhD in Religion from Centurion Bible College. In 2018 he started the Church Safety Guys because he felt that there was little ministry focus in spiritually equipping and disciplining within church safety and security. He works full-time for the U.S. Defense Department. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.



Director of Operations, Speaker, Author, & Broadcast Host

Mike brings over three decades in Ministry & Church Leadership and 20+ years of experience in Operations, Safety, Security, Nonprofit Operations & Communications. Mike has served in Emergency Management where he worked on policy, procedures, preparedness, technology, public information, and launched their drone program. He served as a Deputy Director of their Emergency Response Team where he helped with volunteer operations, executive protection, and large scale security event management. He also worked with Homeland Security and trained with law enforcement across the state on active shooter / active threat and emergency integrated response techniques. Mike has served 7 years as an elected official and community leader of preparedness, emergency alert information, and crisis communications in a medium-sized community. He is currently living in Austin Texas where he serves as a volunteer with the Round Rock Police Department, as an Experience Advisor at a church plant, in Georgetown, Texas and as a coalition leader of nearly 100 Safety Leaders across Texas. Mike is also a CRASE Instructor and trained in executive protection. Mike works full time as a Software Architect. Mike enjoys epic road trips with his wife and their three children.

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Corey Jones

Engagement & Outreach  - Church Safety Gals

Corey brings over 30 years experience in leadership, house of worship ministry and grace and compassion to teaching leadership components. The Safety Director of Grace Covenant Church, Austin, Texas, she demonstrates a heart of compassion and mercy towards instructing churches on best practices. Coaching church safety teams, she regularly shares mission and ministry focused patterns of operational success and a has a  Biblical focus to support women and teens in church safety minsitries.


Maddy Scholar

Engagement & Outreach  - Church Safety Gals & Church Safety Teens

Maddy has begun an amazing career in firearms and tactical training, while developing opportunites to serve churches and specifically women, with a ministry mindset. With numerous years experience as a Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer, and firearms instructor, she is founder of the Red Letter Project.

She has had the opportunity to work with major brands, to include partnerships with Safariland, Norma, KGM, Safelife Defense, and more. She has taught thousands of beginner students and counting and is a 2x nominee for the “Firearms Instructor of the Year” and “Female Influencer of the Year” industry awards. Maddy exemplifies a heart for the Lord and also women and teens, instructing and discipling them on best serving in their own communities.



Engagement & Outreach Coordinator ~ Broadcast Host, Church Safety & Security Coach, Mentor

Jared has over 20 years of experience serving in a variety of positions in local church ministry, corporate and non-profit operations and leadership and law enforcement. Jared currently serves as Safety & Security Director at Rock Point Church in Queen Creek, Arizona.



Creative Content Design


Ministry Outreach Coordinator - Texas


Teen Ministry Ambassador


Social Media and Engagement


Church Safety Guys

Iron Sharpens Iron Advisory Board


Ron Aguiar - Oasis Safety

Ron's background includes law enforcement, corporate security, and executive protection details from 2006-2017. Most recently, he served 19 years as Safety and Security Director of Southeast Christian Church, one of America's largest churches. In 2019, Aguiar released the second edition of his book "Keeping Your Church Safe."


Dwayne Harris - Full Armor Church

Dwayne is the founder of Full Armor Church and is an International Evangelist. In addition to ministry, Dwayne serves in full-time law enforcement as a criminal investigator in Central Florida. He is a decorated officer with over 18 years of experience and has served on the S.W.A.T. Team and Crisis Intervention Unit. 


John Riley - Gentle Response

John Riley is a Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, a US Army Veteran, and a 20-year law enforcement officer with the Grand Rapids Michigan Police Department. He and his team help businesses, corporations, non-profits, churches, and others, develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prevent volatile situations from becoming critically violent incidents. A highly sought-after trainer and speaker, John has successfully trained many church safety and security teams. 


Heather White - East Coast Believer's Church

Heather is a ministry leader at East Coast Believer's Church and has a Master of Theological Studies Degree from Liberty University. She joins CSG with an extensive criminal justice background and brings her love for serving the Lord to the women who are serving in church safety and security. 


Jason White - East Coast Believer's Church

Jason is a Campus Pastor at East Coast Believer's Church and has a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Liberty University. With extensive law enforcement experience, he works with churches all over the world to teach and train in safety awareness. Author of "Church Security and Outreach: A Spirit-Led Strategy to Pursue the One and Protect the Ninety-Nine".

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